Learning about business & entrepreneurship has changed forever!

Apps are changing the way we live, learn and work

The world needs more and more entrepreneurs – people to look at the world and figure out a way to make it better, one app at a time!

Excite and connect your class like never before

Our platform allows you to engage your students by becoming tech startups to conceive, develop, market, finance and promote an application that serves a market.

Students learn real world career skills using collaborative techniques and project based learning.  Allow them to develop the 21st century skills they will need in their future careers.

The future of tech entrepreneurship education is here…

Riptide Academy can help you, your school and your students with our blended learning, project based course.

Speak to digital natives – digitally!

Students are comfortable online and traditional paper based linear learning can leave them wanting more…

Our digital platform engages them as they want to be engaged and allows them to work collaboratively and dynamically using tools and devices they enjoy.

Using students’ interest in apps, app development and using online tools, we have built a course which gives students a real world view of entrepreneurship and allows them to explore the skills and outlooks that can help to shape a more successful future, whatever their career choices may be.

Using our system (and very little training) your academic team can guide students through project based learning tasks and help them build their teams and enterprises.

Easy to administer and run

Teachers act as facilitators rather than the oracle of all knowledge.

Our gamified platform engages students and encourages them to interact in native online environments to create custom mobile applications while learning practical uses for the theory of business methods including; team management; design; app development; marketing; financial planning; market research; corporate governance; presentation skills and more.

Students earn points for their teams based on practical implementation of skills learned in the various elements of the course.  The teams compete against each other in the class leaderboard to create the best tech startup.

Individual students can earn points but the team score is what’s important at the end which promotes team building, cooperation and common goals.

We’d love to show you how it works!