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Entrepreneurship programs for kids

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Riptide Academy develops project based entrepreneurship learning programmes focused mainly on secondary school students.

The learning approach is cloud and classroom based, enabling collaboration in school, at home and across the globe.

Our Programs

Appace 16 Lite

AppAce Schools 16 Lite

10 modules - ages 12 -16

Working in teams, students develop product (app) and business concepts and a prototype.

Appace 16

AppAce Schools 16

30 modules - ages 12 - 16

Designed for delivery in secondary school classrooms. Students develop app and business concepts, prototypes, followed by developing the app.

Appace 14

AppAce Camps 14

10 modules - ages 12 - 15

Working in teams, students develop product (app) and business concepts and a prototype. (Ideal for summer camps over one or two weeks.)

Recent News

Riptide Academy sponsors ITLG Limerick 2014
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We were delighted to be co-sponsors of the ITLG event in Limerick in late January 2014.

This was a very exciting event for us as we had a number of levels of involvement, from delivering a pitch to running a stand to providing a platform for the Young Innovators event, while also having a Riptide Junior Media crew running around interviewing people!

The Riptide Academy junior media crew consisted of alumni of our Riptide camps and were a great success. This was a first for Riptide Academy, but despite that, the crew managed to get interviews with the likes of Irish President Michael D Higgins and Dragon's Den stars Sean Gallagher and Gavin Duffy.

Some of the videos the crew made are below. You can also visit our YouTube channel for more.

We will be adding more news on Riptide developments as well as more videos from the Junior Media crew, so stay tuned!

Gavin Duffy

President Higgins

Ingrid Vandervelt

Ruth Scott

Change through education and entrepreneurship

Change through education and entrepreneurship

Why use Appace?

Kids love this programme.

This is why it transfers so easily from classroom to summer camps.

Teachers love this programme. Its fun to do, easy to organise and well supported. It stretches and challenges the kids and promotes active learning.

Parents love this programme because they see their kids’ enthusiasm and enjoyment while working purposefully through a complete cycle from idea to product/business plan, learning the language, roles and behaviours of teamwork and business.

This programme enables the kids to try out roles they may have heard about in the adult world, Finance Director, Marketing Director, Creative Director etc., with peers and classmates in a supportive environment.

As they develop their idea from concept to a final product or business plan presentation, they make decisions affecting the final outcome of the product or plan, all the time working within a team.

As one class of students complete this programme we believe that the students will have a set of experiences and confidence which they will use as stepping stones to bigger entrepreneurial pursuits. As more classes of students complete this programme, not only will they gain in entrepreneurial experience and confidence, they will be part of a larger community of budding entrepreneurs within the school.

Our hope is that after a while, entrepreneurial thinking and culture will become established within the school and products based on the ideas born of the creative young minds will reach the community.

How it works

The AppAce programmes are entrepreneurship learning programmes that are project based and focused mainly for secondary school students.

The learning approach is cloud and classroom based, enabling collaboration in school, at home and across the globe.

Students work in teams to develop a product and a business plan. This programme is much more than theory. It enables students to take an idea through all the stages to a realizable product. While there is a great sense of fun and excitement in the programme, there is also collaboration, self-directed learning, distinct roles, peer review, concept development, test marketing, product development and much more. There is also an element of competition between groups.

The cloud based Riptide Platform contains distinct administration levels that enable the students to communicate and collaborate within their group, between groups in the classroom, from home and even internationally, while being monitored by teachers and also Riptide Academy moderators, ensuring a safe environment for all.

What teachers need to run this programme is a skill that all teachers possess and use in their everyday work - organising kids. The programme contains teacher notes and videos taking no more than 20 minutes preparation time per module. The novelty, ownership of the idea and game aspects of the programme drive the enthusiasm in the kids.


How does it work if the teacher has little knowledge about the subjects?

Riptide Academy develops its products with the teacher experience in mind, whether the teacher is familiar with the subjects or not. Rather than having all the answers, teachers play a high value role as mentors to students in the process of discussing, researching and creating.

What are the classroom requirements?

The teacher needs a screen (projector or large monitor) and speakers to allow the class to watch together videos and presentations. Teams should ideally sit around separate tables for planning and activities (and to avoid spying!), and should have one device such as a laptop or tablet for research and creation of documents. Internet connection is required.

How does a typical module work?

Each module covers one aspect of the development of the project, such as market research, budget planning, design and prototyping. We introduce the subject with videos, presentation, documentation and ideas for further research. Teams then discuss what needs to be done in their project and plan their activities and implement what they just learned.